2020 Studio Arts Student Exhibition

This annual exhibition celebrates the creative work of graduating 2020 Studio Arts majors, as well as select works from students in the Department of Studio Arts courses.

The Studio Arts Student Exhibition is a significant event within the life of the department; it is a celebration of the accomplishments of the 11 seniors who will soon graduate and also serves as motivation for our continuing students. The exhibition is a critical moment for students who are beginning to fully realize their achievement in their creative work as they are simultaneously imagining their lives beyond these studios. For faculty, this exhibition is a compelling glimpse at the maturing development, thought processes, and creative ingenuity of students that we have questioned, challenged, and prodded through their many explorations, failures, and successes. Alongside the work of graduating seniors are exceptional works selected by faculty from students in our studio courses, majors and non-majors alike.

The department celebrates and offers our best wishes to our graduates - we are so very proud of your accomplishments! For those students the seniors are leaving behind, we recognize your potential and enthusiasm and look forward to challenging you through your creative endeavors on the horizon.

Featuring work by:

Azize Altay Harvey
Nathan Barker-English
Abigail Benkovich
Caroline Book
Lorenzo Buchhalter
Elizabeth Masterson
Megan McKenzie
Alexandra Park McDonough
Emily Robinson
Vivian Zhang
Zipu Zhao
Selected Works by Faculty

Under the direction of:

Delanie Jenkins

A print catalogue can be purchased here.
Department Awards listed here.