Elizabeth Masterson

Elizabeth Masterson
Degree: Double major in Studio Arts and the History of Art and Architecture, Museum Studies minor
Expected Term of Graduation: Spring 2020

Hometown: Moon, Pennsylvania

I am inspired by my collections. I am curious as to what I collect and why. Some of the things I create are related to rocks, plants, and images I have taken. Currently, I am working on organizing my home studio to adjust to life after graduation. Preparing for my next big adventure.

Artist Statement:

Recently, my prints have gravitated toward the act of collecting. Filtering through my daily life I find myself collecting rocks and plants. I have been trying to articulate what I collect and why. What makes me so drawn to these objects? Is it the place in which I found them? Can I somehow relate to this object?

Rocks are these little souvenirs that I can easily and freely take with me. Each one is a little more different from the next drives my collecting process. My plant collection started years ago and ever since my collection has grown. Not only has my collecting grown but so have I as I tend to my growing plants daily.

I am still grappling with these questions and ideas. Hopefully, through making, I will somehow make sense of it all. Or maybe it will remain a mystery.