Nathan Barker-English

Nathan Barker-English
Degree: Studio Arts major
Expected Term of Graduation: Fall 2020

Hometown: Phoenixville, Pennyslvania

I create fantastical, narrative driven illustrations and animations through digital media, with concepts and characters inspired by real-life social implications of gender, class, and sexuality. After graduation, I plan to continue personal illustration commissions and seek opportunities in professional character concept design.

Artist Statement:

I create work that is character and narrative driven. I like to create societies, individuals, and personalities that allow me to explore deeper social themes on my own terms. Implications of race, class, gender, and sexuality can be bent and broken in the medium of fantasy, but they can also be highlighted in a way that is separate, but not completely detached from, the often overwhelming ways that these factors affect us in real life.

The greatest appeal of working with digital media, to me, is versatility. I can undo, resize, and color entire sections of a drawing with a few clicks, and all of my work is portable, transferrable, and easily editable. Creating art through the computer has allowed me to explore 3D modeling, object-oriented programming, animation and video editing, web page scripting, video game coding, and more, all as tools for bringing my characters and concepts to fruition.