Common Thread: 2021 Studio Arts Student Exhibition
View the virtual exhibition through Sunday, May 2, 2021 Learn more
Digital Dreamplate
A virtual exhibition of projects by students in Lindsey French's Digital Studio: Imaging class. Learn more
Making Space
Senior Seminar pop-up exhibition featuring work by students from the Studio Art Department. Learn more


May 01, 2021
Virtual Commencement Ceremony
Families and friends are warmly welcome to attend this celebration! Learn more
April 30, 2021
2021 HPS Residency Celebration
Nit Anantharaman worked with Edouard Machery and Lindsey French to explore themes of race, race classification, visual signification, and portraiture. Learn more
April 17, 2021
Common Thread: Exhibition Pop-Up
Please register for a timed ticked through Eventbrite. Learn more


Lenore Thomas and Sean Morrissey Artist Talk
The artists discuss their exhibition "Tiny Roads that lead to nowhere" at Zygote Press Gallery on Wednesday, August 11 at 6pm. Learn more
Scott Turri Talks With Artist John Sims
John Sims is like a modern-day quilt-maker who weaves together at times seemingly disparate threads of media and ideas: mathematics, performance, video, music, and text, among other things. Read the full interview. Learn more
Scott Turri Interviewes Jonathan Lyndon Chase for Bomb Magazine
Jonathan was born and raised—and currently lives—in Philadelphia, and their work makes reference to early 2000s-era fashion, drawing from experiences shopping at Forman Mills, a pivotal site of memory and emotion. Read the full interview by Scott Turri. Learn more