Barbara Weissberger - "Mother"
Presented by the Silver Eye Center for Photography Learn more
Ellen Garvens + Barbara Weissberger - "Perception"
Presented by Missoula Art Museum Learn more
Eleanor Aldrich + Barbara Weissberger - "Custodia"
Presented by C is for Courtside Learn more


October 24, 2019
"DearesT Shradeyyss..."
Christina Hansen invites you to the opening, gallery hours, and artist talks. Learn more
October 17, 2019
"What We Do" with Theresa Baughman
Theresa Baughman's talk covers the work she most recently completed while on residency in the Arctic Circle among scientists, climate activists, and sailors. Learn more
October 04, 2019
"a Blue body, consumed"
Sagar Kamath and Jacob Richards invite you to an open studio in the Vault. Learn more


Same Ol' Carnegie
Article written by Scott Turri for the New Art Examiner Learn more
Interrogating the Past: Sonya Clark Interviewed - BOMB Magazine
Scott Turri interviewed Sonya Clark, an artist-in-residence at The Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia, PA. Learn more
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences SNAPSHOT: Issue 25, June 2019
Inspired Artists in Residence Program bridges gaps between and across disciplines. Learn more