Degree: Double major in Studio Arts and Business Marketing
Expected Term of Graduation: Fall 2020

Hometown: Shenzhen, China

Zipu Zhao came to the states by herself at age 15 to pursue her academic career. She started to explore her interests in art at Pitt and joined the department as a Studio Arts major in 2019. Zhao is a movie lover, as well as an active theatre-goer, which gradually influenced her work throughout. Zhao's works present the uncanny and surreal elements in daily life, with mediums such as paint and digital images. After college, Zhao is planning on going to graduate school, pursuing a career in arts administration and digital art.

Artist Statement:

My works explore the boundary between the manufactured and natural. I have always been greatly fascinated by films and theatre, how the manipulated imitations of real world scenarios manage to generate emotions and thoughts. Therefore, through manifesting everyday mundane objects and tasks, I want to exploit the safe space existing between the real and unreal. Using photography, video and painting as mediums, I hope to invite viewers to look through a lens that can lead them into unfamiliar places with each of their own story to unfold.


Instagram: @zipuzhao