XIII: 2022 Studio Arts Student Exhibition

The faculty and staff of the Department of Studio Arts are pleased to present the creative work of the Studio Arts majors who will be graduating this calendar year, as well as exceptional works selected by faculty from first year students, sophomores, and juniors in our courses.  

The XIII: Studio Arts Student Exhibition is a rite of passage for our students; it marks the culmination of their time at Pitt and within the department. The results of sleepless nights, deep creative discussions, and intense research lead to the breadth of work in this exhibition – a testament to the diversity of thinking, approaches, and media our students employ to make their work. For the Studio Arts faculty, this exhibition (which can be seen both virtually and in person) is an opportunity for reflection on the maturing thought processes and creative ingenuity of students that we have questioned, challenged, and prodded through their explorations, failures, and successes. These past two years have been challenging – creating in small apartments or dorm rooms and without easy access to the usual materials or spaces offered in a university setting. Yet, these students have met the challenge head on and risen above it!  At a time when many of us feel disconnected, the work in this exhibition offers moments where we connect through our lived experience, the act of making, quirky observations, and deep-felt social concerns, among others. XIII is evidence of their incredible work and achievements. More than anything this exhibition is a celebration of these thirteen (XIII) students and the excellent work they have presented in the University Art Gallery. 

The department offers our best wishes to our graduates, we are so very proud for you in your accomplishments! For our students who are still with us, we look forward to your enthusiasm and energy in the coming years. 

Under the direction of Lenore Thomas.

A special thanks to Sylvia Rhor Samaniego and Isaiah Bertagnolli in the UAG for their support and help with the exhibition. Also, to Candice Driver, Amanda Rackowski and Karoline Swiontek for their unwavering administrative support. And lastly to Max Glider from the Center for Teaching and Learning for their dedication to making the department's VR exhibition a reality again this year!

2022 Department Awards listed here.