Common Thread: 2021 Studio Arts Student Exhibition

This year’s annual exhibition, Common Thread, celebrates the creative work of the graduating 2021 Studio Arts majors.

Common Thread: 2021 Studio Arts Student Exhibition is a significant event within the life of the department; it is a celebration of the accomplishments of the 15 seniors who will graduate in May, August and December of this year. The exhibition, which can be seen both virtually and in person, feels particularly poignant, reflecting work that spans the emotional, political, and social experiences of the last year. In a time where we have become so disconnected from a worldwide pandemic, this exhibition offers an opportunity to connect…to reconnect. It can be easy to find the many ways in which we see ourselves as different, but in Common Thread the viewer is offered a glimpse into the subtle, sad, beautiful, difficult, humorous, and even hidden moments where these young artists have found the lines where they meet and come together. The faculty are honored to be a part of this journey of discovery – the explorations, failures, risks, and successes that these students take during their time at the university and within the Studio Arts Department. We are so proud of all their accomplishments!

The department celebrates and offers best wishes to the graduating seniors who are ending one chapter of their life and about to begin another. There is much that awaits you and we are excited for your future and the unique path each one of you will take. For the students who remain, we look forward to seeing your creative research develop and your continued growth as we support and challenge you in your artistic explorations.

Under the direction of Lenore Thomas.

A special thanks to Professor Katie Warring's Intro to Audio Storytelling students for their collaboration with Studio Arts seniors. And to Max Glider and Isis Duncan for their dedication to making the department's first VR exhibition a reality (in the virtual world)!

2021 Department Awards listed here.