Azize Altay Harvey
Degree: Studio Arts major, Japanese minor, Asian Studies certificate
Expected Term of Graduation: Spring 2020

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

During her time at the University of Pittsburgh Azize has been heavily involved in Japanese studies. Additionally she has participated in: The Wyoming Field Study, Illinois Year-In-Japan Program, and Browne Fellowship. As for her plans after graduation she says, “If I am able to correctly predict what I will do in the future at 22 I will not have lived an interesting enough life.”

Artist Statement:

I am fascinated by the details found in the quiet spaces of our lives. There is a narrative in even the most common moments in the world that we might not give ourselves the time and space to observe. I use these kinds of moments of quiet boredom as an opportunity to explore stories and patterns, as they force me to either grapple with the prison of my own mind or reach outward and focusing on everyday objects that are easy to overlook when compared to more instantly gratifying things.

Working in mixed media allows me to explore and reimagine narratives and stories using the size, objects, textures and ability to interact with the piece that best support them, rather than cutting myself off by limiting my work to one medium. Moreover, I find the process of experimenting with material fascinating and joyful. When I force myself to struggle with new materials and methods, I am able to examine why I am captivated by an idea and what components are core to that fascination, and then better articulate the form I want to give those feelings.

Instagram: @azizeharvey