Megan McKenzie
Majors and Minors: Dual degree in Studio Arts with Bachelor of Philosophy in Communication Science Disorders
Expected Term of Graduation: Spring 2020

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Megan McKenzie creates realistic paintings and intaglio prints that reference photos from her travels. After graduation, she is attending graduate school for a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology. She plans to incorporate art within clinical practice and will continue creating and selling her artwork throughout life.

Artist Statement:

The environment plays an integral role in my creative process. A common approach in my work is to use photos from my travels as reference. For this reason, my practice begins through the lens of a camera. During my travels, I search for views and moments which I feel encapsulate an area’s beauty. The photos record my wanderlust in a new place, and this emotion is later regenerated as I reproduce this image in a painting or intaglio print. Creating these pieces is a therapeutic process, acting as transportation back into a space that provided me with contentment or tranquility. The feelings I experience while making art are my true influence for generating work.

Instagram: @megmckenart