Caroline Book
Degree: Studio Arts major
Expected Term of Graduation: Spring 2020

Hometown: Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

Caroline Book focuses on creating drawings and paintings. She draws inspiration from daily life and the mundane. After graduation Caroline plans to continue her personal art practice and hopes to work as a display artist with the brand Anthropologie.

Artist Statement:

The power of a line to convey emotion has always fascinated me. In its most basic sense, a line is a record of movement from which much information can be gathered. Was it made mechanically or organically? Was it incidental or purposeful? Was it jotted quickly or slowly drawn out? The sum of these characteristics paired with elements such as color, or composition communicate feeling.

I’ve found that using delicate and fine lines allows me to create undertones of anxiety where the subject matter itself may not convey this otherwise. Similarly, in other pieces the strong bold lines might make the image seem beautiful despite its humble and undesirable subject.

The subject matter I work with is constantly evolving, yet my practice continues to relate itself. This is accomplished through my attention to the way I navigate environments, physical or otherwise. Whether it’s a drawing, painting, or something else entirely I offer an awareness of the unnoticed and mundane.