Abigail Benkovich
Degree: Studio Arts major
Expected Term of Graduation: Spring 2020

Hometown: Rochester, New York

Abigail Benkovich creates metal wearable art that bridges jewelry, fashion, and film. She has studied Jewelry Design abroad in Florence, Italy through Studio Arts College International, as well as taking a Metals class at Carnegie Mellon University. After graduation, she is planning on attending the Rochester Institute of Technology for a Masters degree in Metals and Jewelry Design.

Artist Statement:

Metal is a dance between painstaking delicacy and brute force. I use metal to create a communication between material and the body, to pose the question of what it means to wear a piece of art. Conceptually, I dig deep into emotions, such as grief, depression, shame, awe from travel, and hope from my faith. I create jewelry that celebrates the uniqueness of imperfection that exists within all of us. I incorporate patterns and lines created by architecture and translate them into small-scale wearable forms. My use of geometry compliments the natural curves of the body. I also use film and photography as a way to bring the audience to an imagined place where my wearable art would live in. I work predominantly in copper, brass, bronze, and silver using traditional metalsmithing techniques including: hand-sawing, soldering, enameling, stone inlay, stone setting, casting, and chase and repousse.


Website: https://www.olive-designs.com/