Nola Mims


Pittsburgh-based artist, Nola, has a research practice informed by psychology and social justice. They use a variety of media to explore themes of identity. Nola also produces creative educational resources to advocate for harm reduction and science-based drug policy. Art and education are Nola’s tools to advocate for human rights and community healing. 

Artist Statement 
My current creative process is one of profuse discarding and reclaiming. In previous work, I’ve centered themes of suffering and social injustice. But through my research-based practice, I’ve come to understand my work’s cultural and historical legacy. Choice of medium in my practice reflects my own relationship to the themes of my work. In works like Wire Bra, the rigidity of the medium facilitated a letting go of internalized hatred. Dynamic works like this act to transform my practice. Currently, I’m inspired by the rarity of ‘Utopia’, divorced from hegemonic contexts. I rely on ‘the erotic’ to reimagine who and what is ideal. By exploring my work’s cultural legacy, I create space for intuition to ground my practice. My work in turn creates space for community and future selves.