Joslyn Ferguson


Joslyn Ferguson is an artist who was born in Cleveland, Ohio. After moving away from Cleveland in 2012, she and her family relocated to South Carolina for the remainder of her academic career. After completing high school, she then chose the University of Pittsburgh to pursue a degree in Studio Arts with a minor in Theatre. During her college career, she has evolved her art-making process to a now abstract point of view in her paintings, and she plans to graduate in December of 2021. 

Artist Statement 
I'm a Pittsburgh-based artist and I like to express my creativity through a variety of mediums, the main ones I enjoy working with being digital art and painting. With my digital art, I have always been drawn to very bright and almost psychedelic color schemes. After some experimenting and learning more throughout my design career, I eventually adopted a style heavily influenced by the pop art of the 1970s. Working with such color schemes has also opened up a new door now that I’ve begun creating more moving pieces. Within my motion pieces, I now work with more rotations and sequences of color to make them feel more trance-like the longer the audience watches them.

As for my paintings, I find myself working most often to create works that evoke emotional responses in the audience, whether they be big or small. More specifically, I intend to create pieces that evoke responses such as wonder, excitement, or even small amounts of fear. I gravitate towards bold colors in my paintings and I most often use these colors abstractly to create my work. By doing this, I also create pieces that can be interpreted differently by each person in the audience. This leaves room for people to have new experiences with it by listening to what others perceive it as. 


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