SA 1385 Digital Studio: Animation

This is an advanced course designed for students to intensely experiment and explore the moving digital image in an art context. Students will explore the concepts and skills involved in working with digital animation - from pre to postproduction. Each student will propose and undertake a final, self-designed project during the final four weeks of the term. 

This course explores the basics of a wide variety of styles, including narrative and experimental work, through use of software such as Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. Additionally, this class will require use of Adobe Illustrator, digital and hand drawing, photography, and related photographic equipment. We will learn to storyboard and discuss our initial concepts, learn the tools we need to produce our project, and present / critique our project in class.

Students will produce three main projects and will also participate in four creative workshops, predominantly instructed by guest animators and artists. The three core projects include month long explorations in paper cutout / mixed media stop motion animation, Pixilation animation, and Rotoscope animation. The four creative workshops will pertain to Gifmation, Hand drawn group exquisite corpse animation, photogrammetry, and digital illustration.


Instructor(s): Scott Andrew

Credits: 3

Prerequisite: SA 0110, SA 0180