Delanie Jenkins - "Raveling in the New Year"

Raveling in the New Year is a performative action/exhibition commissioned by Temple Contemporary for their Silence series. Other artists commissioned for the series this year include British artist Cornelia Parker, Ann Hamilton, Selena Kimbell, and Max Goldfarb.

Raveling in the New Year considers by-hand labor and offers an entreaty as a resolution for the New Year.

On Friday, January 25th Delanie Jenkins will perform a full–day action within the gallery, where her breath and heartbeat, as well as the sounds of her hands working, will be amplified and recorded for the duration of the activity. The residue of her actions will remain in place through Saturday, February 16th, and the recorded audio will accompany the residue beginning February 1st.

For more information, view the exhibition announcement.

Location Information

Temple Contemporary
Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA