Learning Outside the Classroom

Art does not happen in a vacuum, and neither does life. As part of a major urban University community, students in the Department of Studio Arts have the opportunity to take advantage of a number of programs and activities that will enrich the undergraduate experience both within and outside of the classroom.


Pittsburgh is a city that enjoys a rich cultural diversity—theater, opera, ballet, dance, museums, and outstanding large and small art galleries. The PITT ARTS program provides ready access to Pittsburgh's many cultural institutions by arranging free admission and often transportation to attend ballets, plays, and operas downtown; to visit area art galleries and museums; and to enjoy a wide variety of cultural programming on campus.


An internship can give you a closer look at working in a particular field, help you gain a competitive edge, help you make contacts in the marketplace, and provide credits toward your degree. Studio Arts majors may take internships through the Department of Studio Arts for credit toward the major (30 SA credits must be completed to qualify). 

Field Study in Wyoming

The Wyoming Field Study is a collaborative program offered by the University Honors College and taught by the Department of Studio Arts.  The program is a three-credit, two-week intensive field study that takes place in southeastern Wyoming.  Students pursue the development and creation of a body of creative work in any media.  The field study runs alongside the University Honors College's paleoecology course on property that was a gift given to the University in 2005 by Allen L. Cook.  The Allen L. Cook Spring Creek Reserve is 4,700 acres of short grass prairie at an elevation above 7,000 feet with abundant wildlife; the site also contains dinosaur bone-bearing fossil beds of the Jurassic Morrison Formation.

Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is an exciting way to add an international perspective to your undergraduate education and strengthen your credentials as a graduate. Many Studio Arts students study at the SACI Art School in Florence. SACI provides a stimulating educational experience that draws upon the rich cultural resources of both past and present Italy. The inspiring and well-equipped facilities of the palazzo and separate graduate center are located a few steps from Michelangelo's Medici Chapel, the Laurentian Library, the Duomo, the church of Santa Maria Novella, and the bustling activity of Florence's central market.

For more information about studying abroad, please contact the Study Abroad Office at 412-648-7413 or