Trevor Bublitz Studio Arts Major

Trevor Bublitz

Majors:  Civil Engineering and Studio Arts

Year:  Graduating December 2014

Hometown:  Columbia, Maryland

Why did you come to Pitt?  I came to Pittsburgh to look at schools and I was drawn to the unique aesthetic and vibe of the city and the opportunities that are available here. I chose Pitt because it was a great school where I could pursue engineering while also exploring my artistic interests.

Was Studio Arts your initial plan for a major?  When I first started at Pitt, I knew that I wanted to do engineering, but I had not planned to take on a Studio Arts major as well. I thought I would just take a few art classes and make some art in my free time, but I ended up liking my art classes so much that I decided to become a Studio Arts major, and I have loved it ever since.

How did you become interested in art?  I became interested in art in high school when I took multiple art and photography classes. Visual art has always been an enjoyable way for me to express myself creatively.

What media do you work in most? How did this interest develop (what are your influences)?  Recently I have been working in sculpture, drawing, and etching. My art has been inspired mostly by my struggles with Crohn’s disease and mental health, often based off of specific experiences that I’ve had.

What does the Studio Arts Department and/or a liberal arts environment offer you that is unique?  Compared to my Civil Engineering major, Studio Arts allows me much more freedom in what projects I do and how I make them. The small class sizes allow me to easily get valuable feedback from faculty and other students to keep me headed in the right direction. Art is also just a lot of fun and often therapeutic despite being very time consuming.

What are you currently working on?  So far this summer I have mostly been relaxing and looking for jobs, but I plan to work on some oil paintings continuing the concepts that I explored with my etching prints.

Any undergraduate teaching or research activity/fellowships as an undergraduate?  I haven’t done any research fellowships for the Studio Arts Department, but I did spend a summer doing research for Pitt’s Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation related to green infrastructure that will be installed at Schenley Park.

What are your plans beyond the university?  After graduating, I plan to work for a civil engineering firm. However, art will always be important to me, so I hope to continue making art in my free time.