Taylor Bowers


Taylor Bowers is a native-Pittsburgher. She has grown up both north and south of the iconic city and its unique community. It’s no surprise that she ended up at the University of Pittsburgh. She is currently a senior, double majoring in Studio Arts and Psychology, to graduate in May 2021. Before settling on her majors, Taylor explored several different career opportunities, such as elementary education and occupational therapy. Although each avenue sparked her interest, art was always missing, so she finally started to pursue it during her sophomore year. And this pursuit shows no signs of stopping. A lover of animals, children, and yellow raincoats, Taylor draws inspiration from the world around her. Her practice mainly focuses on painting and drawing, but she recently delved into the world of block printing. Currently, her work has focused on merging fashion and interior design. 

Artist Statement 
I see the world through color—hundreds of shades and hues coming together. As an oil painter, I strive to recreate everyday, mundane events and animate them through color. My focus is on stylization and reinterpreting the world around me and is inspired by photography. Throughout my life, I've experienced the highs, lows, and everything in between. Emotion is what connects us to others and nature and makes us human. There's a beauty in the deepest pain and the utmost joy that words too often fail to describe. My hope for any audience when experiencing my work is that they feel an emotion before they settle on meaning, that they see beauty in the mundane, and that any moment can be magical, serene, or awe-inspiring.