Sofia Sandoval Studio Arts Major

Sofia Sandoval

Majors:  Studio Arts and Natural Sciences

Minors/Certificates:  French Minor and Conceptual Foundations of Medicine Certificate

Year:  Junior

Hometown:  Katy, TX 

Why did I come to Pitt?  Originally I thought I got into a special pre-medicine program and came to visit the school. Once here I realized that I hadn't actually made it into the program and was crushed, but luckily I also realized that the school was one of a kind and fell in love with it.

Was Studio Arts my initial plan for a major?  How did I become interested in art?   Studio Arts was not necessarily my initial plan for a major, but I always knew that I wanted to do something involving art in college.  Ever since I was young, art has been a huge part of my life.  As a baby my grandma would sit me down next to her and we would spend afternoons painting - her on a canvas and me sprawled on the floor covered head to toe in paint.

What media do I work in most? How did this interest develop/What are my influences?  I use a lot of charcoal and india ink.  I really like the loose effects I can achieve with both.

What does the Studio Arts Department and/or a liberal arts environment offer me that is unique?  In a liberal arts environment I get a chance to pursue multiple passions.  I can take art classes and still also be able to take pre-med classes.

What am I currently working on?  Right now I'm developing a new project for the fall involving visually capturing the essence of Pittsburgh neighborhoods. 

Any undergraduate teaching or research activity/fellowships as an undergraduate?  I am a research assistant at the Center for Craneofacial and Dental Genetics. I am also an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant and Tutor at Pitt's Academic Resource Center for Organic Chemisty.

What are my plans beyond the university?  I plan to apply for National Scholarships and take a gap year or two before going to medical school.