Nicole Bonomo

Nicole Bonomo

Nicole Bonomo is a 21-year-old artist based in Pittsburgh, PA. This May, she will graduate with B.A. in Studio Arts. Nicole specializes in digital mediums and currently focuses on digital drawing, a medium she first discovered at age 10. She features a wide range of subjects in her work, but many of her drawings are fantastical in nature and take inspiration from religious imagery and experiences with health. Her style involves the use of soft pastel colors and small, cute characters, even in pieces with darker themes. 

Artist Statement 
I have always had trouble coping with my mental health. In high stress situations, I tend to explode instead of thinking rationally. Recently, I’ve also faced a lot of struggles due to new physical issues, so my mental health has been affected further. Although it’s not always evident in my work, I often use my art as a way to let out my frustrations.

Due to facing hardships so early in my life, I’ve always been attracted to more cheerful and bright things. In my own work, I usually try to maintain a similarly eye catching and lighthearted look, even if the subject matter is a bit dark. My art is often marked by soft pastel colors, which could be associated with femininity or youth. I think that this innocent-looking exterior makes my art much more striking once people realize there are usually darker and more complex themes under the surface.

A lot of people describe me as a soft, helpful, and bright person, despite the fact that I harbor a lot of negative feelings in my body and mind. Many people also remember me for my youthful and feminine fashion sense. I love to express myself with soft colors and styles, and the same goes for expressing myself through my art. Even though some people might describe my art as deceptive, I think that innocent and dark themes can coexist instead of being considered opposites. I am living proof of that.

There can be some lightheartedness when discussing negative subjects. If you only observe traumatic experiences with sadness and anger, you will never be able to heal from them. Although I am still working on following this idea myself, my art helps remind me that I can still find positivity, even though I’ve had a lot of hard experiences and struggle with difficult feelings.