Kylie Mericle


Kylie Mericle was born outside of Washington, D.C. to an elementary school teacher and a physical therapist. She has lived in Pittsburgh for most of her life and has always been inspired by its wet temperate woods and the life within. Since she was a child, she has loved fantasy and the escape it provides. Her work is heavily influenced by both of these interests. 

Artist Statement 
Much of my work focuses on the fantastical. I make work that conveys a certain mood or emotion, such as the feeling of turning through the pages of an ancient book filled with secrets. I enjoy making visually pleasing work that echoes the feeling of an illustration in a book of fairy tales, especially the work of the Brothers Grimm. I’m also inspired by science fiction illustration, and the kind of storytelling often present in that kind of work. My work often includes a bit of an edge, or darkness to it. To me, fantasy needs to include a bit of darkness to hold a viewer’s attention. I enjoy working narratively as well, which lends itself to my illustrative story-book style.

My work is also deeply intertwined with the natural world all around us. My piece Cicada is a testament to the constant cycle of transformation present in all forms of nature. My work is always carefully and delicately detailed. Creating these fine details gives me an opportunity to let my mind wander while working. There’s nothing better than coming out of this meditative state and looking at the work that I have done to reach my goal of a finished piece.