Chrissy Suders


As both a painter, and multi-media artist, Chrissy is constantly finding new ways to create. She currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA after having lived in a small town near Nuremberg, Germany where she studied both music and art between 2009 and 2015. Living in Germany provided Chrissy with a new breadth of experiences ranging from learning about cultural differences to gaining new perspectives on the world. As a painter, and creator within multiple different mediums, she likes to explore different healing methods through creation. She finds that it is of great importance, that no matter where you are in your life, you find ways to feel at peace. A great majority of her work also features inspirations taken directly from nature, and other organic materials, as she considers the preservation of mother nature itself of utmost importance. Because of this she even includes these materials within her craft, and is constantly trying to find new methods of reusing and recycling them within her work, whether that means painting on found objects, or utilizing them otherwise. Aside from her personal, and commission based art work, Chrissy has also been creating posters, video game overlays, and board game figurine sculpts for a local video and board game company since 2019. As a lover of board games and video games herself, this position proves time and time again to provide new and exciting projects to evolve from. 

Artist Statement 
Sweetest Viewer,

Art to me has always been a constant from my ever-changing life around me, from moving across continents, to experiencing new conditions of the mind. My creations you will find, are nature themed. Whether its flowers sprouting from the canvas, paintings of withering skulls, or animals living peacefully within mother nature, I like to incorporate the idea of the cycle of life. The fascinating contrast between life and death, the ways in which they endlessly tie together. Environments are constantly changing. I love our planet, and I love the concept of rebirth. Nature can evolve, heal, and come back stronger. So can I.

I use art as both a form of creation, and transformation. It helps me calm my mind, and keep my thoughts grounded. My paintbrush is like my very own magic wand. From the colors I use in paintings, sculptures, and drawings, to the music I play while I am creating them, I am always trying to transform my craft into a happy, and healing outlet. I've grown most in the years I've been most creative, and it's something that's pretty evident when I look back onto my past self. You cannot heal in a decaying environment, so I am happy where I am now, and I hope to one day share the healing properties I have come to find within my craft with you as well.

Kind wishes, Chrissy