Scott Turri’s animation Elevator selected by WVMSFF

Scott Turri’s animation Elevator was selected by the West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival and will screen on Saturday, April 23 at 10:15 pm during the Experimental portion of the program. Founded in 2010, the WVMSFF has been a hub for narrative and experimental filmmakers worldwide, bringing diverse cultural and artistic perspectives to West Virginia and the Appalachian region. For the complete WVMSFF schedule, please visit their website.



Runtime: 5:10 min.

Synopsis: Circle back capsule. No return. Move faster round the outside. Model racetrack on the ping pong table. Basement. Round and round you go. Square dance. You circle back. Head pressed against the window of the greyhound bus looking at the telephone wires. Undulate. The pool stripped-down night swim. You were a deer on all fours galloping up Flagstaff Hill. Riding on the front of the skateboard. Twins. Slipped on the stars and slid down the space chute. One two three. One two three four. One two. One.