BUFF "Special Shapes"

With the Atwood Window Gallery’s location and its exposure to the sun, the collaborative team Buff has created environments that consider how the constantly changing light plays with shadows and reflective color.  Layered cardboard cut into different shapes, some pieces with bright colors on their backside, respond to the passing of time. At different times of day the three dimensional forms create new environments depending on the light, showing different cast shadows and hidden colors. A unique photograph from a previous collaborative project sits inside each window display. These photographs reference a layering of practices (Thomas’ printmaking over Spradlin’s photographs), the initial inspiration for the current display.  Special Shapes is about play and experimentation and forms the groundwork for Buff’s ideas as they move forward with their collaboration.

Buff is a collaboration of Lenore Thomas and Ivette Spradlin. 

The Atwood Window Gallery features work by regional artists. Thanks to: Oakland Planning and Development Corp., City of Pittsburgh, Spice Island Tea House.