SA 1904 Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship

This course partners advanced Studio Arts majors with a faculty member as a teaching assistant in a current departmental course. The partnership is intended to offer further experience to dedicated students exploring a particular media with mentorship in studio management and an introduction to teaching, will enhance the course by offering enrolled students additional support and access for skill development and questions throughout the term, and will offer faculty valuable studio management and assistance in working with students.

With the diversity of courses, media, and faculty, each UTA experience will be unique. Given this, there is no official syllabus though guidelines follow and a contract signed by student, faculty member, and department chair is required in order to gain a permission number to register for course credit.

SA 1904 may be taken for 1-3 course credits depending on the level of involvement appropriate to each course and is an upper-level elective that can be repeated in different courses, though only 3 credits may be applied toward elective credit given a student’s progress within the major. SA 1904 is an S/N course (pass/fail - satisfactory/unsatisfactory) and is not taken for a letter grade.

Credits: 1-3

Prerequisite: 30 credits in Studio Arts earned prior to registration and Department Consent