SA 1280 Digital Studio: Photography 2

Digital Photography 2 is centered around creating photographic images and an advanced inquiry into contemporary photographic practices and discourse. The course builds on the knowledge, skills, and ideas practiced in Digital Studio: Photography 1 while introducing advanced shooting techniques and an in-depth exploration of digital printing and modes of presentation. Early shooting exercises will ask you to experiment with different ways of seeing and thinking about image making and to discover uncharted photographic territory—both literally and psychologically. You will be expected to create new images weekly, generating contact sheets and prints on a regular basis. The second half of the semester will give you the opportunity to develop a final project where content and form is determined by your personal interests.

Be prepared to spend at least 6 hours outside of class time a week. You are strongly encouraged to have your own DSLR camera with manual controls, however cameras are available for check-out at the Hillman Equipment Office.


Instructor(s): Melissa Catanese

Credits: 3

Prerequisite: SA 0110, SA 0180