SA 0170 Digital Studio: Creative Coding

This studio course is designed to be an introduction to the fundamentals of coding and digital circuits with a focus placed specifically on creative application (visual arts, sound/music, theater). In much the same way that introductory studio arts courses such as painting and sculpture are designed to explore materials, processes, tools and techniques, this course will take a parallel approach to technology as a medium. With a focus on digital systems of hardware and software, we will take a hands on approach to understand, explore and experiment with the core fundamentals of digital tools, materials, processes and ideas. As a grounding context for this course, we will look at the early artistic experiments on mainframe computers, which set the stage for the integrations of media and technology into contemporary creative practice (examples will cover visual arts, music, theater, poetry and others). No prior experience with programming, electronic circuits, or art is required or expected. We will work with the Arduino open source microcontroller platform.

Credits: 3