"What we don’t talk about"

Opening Reception & Gallery Crawl: Friday, July 12   5:30 – 10 pm

More Information: https://trustarts.org/exhibit/what-we-dont-talk-about

In many Western cultures, mortality is what we don’t talk about, its inevitability the constant hum we try to ignore. 

But art imitates more than just life; it does not ignore death. Though death is infrequently acknowledged as a theme in exhibitions, it is not uncommon for contemporary artists to explore this subject through their work. Art can celebrate and memorialize. It can serve as a site of social protest or a chance to discard human judgement and observe the biological realities beneath. Art can examine the comforts and constraints of ritual practices, and it can allow for humor—laughter—making space for a catharsis that’s greater than tears. This exhibition intends to reveal this full range. 

Participating Artists:
Kevin Clancy
Annuska Dal Maso
Mary M. Mazziotti
Yvonne McBride
Adam Milner
Ricardo iamuuri Robinson
Natalie Settles
Lenore Thomas
Alisha B. Wormsley


Curated by Becky Slemmons

Location Information

937 Gallery
937 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222