What We Do with Omid Shekari

Omid Shekari's work entitled, "Give me your guts"

Image courtesy of Omid Shekari.


Omid  Shekari is a visual artist based in Pittsburgh,  Omid  Shekari’s work examines how force and violence determine the rhythms of power structures. He explores the relationship between repressed and repressor that has existed in our society and has been normalized under capitalism; and how to liberate from it.  Shekari’s work has been exhibited at The Sculpture Center, The Drawing Center, Wilmer Jennings Gallery, NADA Art Fair, Akron Art Museum, Marginal Utility Gallery, Gallery Joe, PAFA Museum, Fleisher Art Memorial, Tyler School of Art, Woodmere Art Museum, Greenfield Community College, and the Ohio State University. He is currently an assistant professor of studio art at the University of Pittsburgh. 

Zoom link: https://pitt.zoom.us/my/studioarts

Zoom password available by request from studio@pitt.edu.


Photo credit: Give me your guts, 2019, 13 x 17 in, Ink, gouache and powdered bullet shells on Paper