What We Do & How We Do It with Blya Krouba and Clara Wang

Thursday, October 29, 2020 | 12-12:45pm

Blya Krouba majoring in Studio Arts and minoring in French. She was awarded a Summer Undergraduate Research Award to work on her ongoing project The Complications of Being Dark Skinned (2017-present). Highlighting the beauty in black skin while destructing the ideologies applauding European set beauty standards. As an artist colorism is a topic that I have been researching and working on for almost four years now. This summer, I focused on highlighting the brown and dark complexions that are seen as unworthy and discriminated against with theories like the brown paper bag test.



Clara Wang is majoring in Studio Arts, History of Art and Architecture and Business Marketing, and minoring in French and Museum Studies. Clara was awarded a Creative Arts Fellowship for Summer 2020 through the Honors College to create a series of eight papercuttings. The works reflect her thoughts and responses to the moment, and the events unfolding over this year.

Zoom link and password available on Studio Arts Undergraduate Canvas site, or by request from studio@pitt.edu.