Paolo Piscitelli - "Pe(n)sare - Weighing & Thinking"

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Paolo Piscitelli inaugurates his bronze lap-sculpture titled "Invisible Matter" in a daylong ceremony with the participation of five performers and the artist himself who sequentially offer the newly completed work to the public.

Titled "Pe(n)sare - Weighing & Thinking", the performance is dedicated to the "invisible hands" of immigrant workers that shape society with their labor, and is part of an ongoing series of works started by Piscitelli in Texas in 2009. The larger body of work comprises sculpture but also ink drawing and video/performance, querying the elusive nature of labor and its relation to life experience. This one-day performative, sculptural presentation at Cathouse Proper affords the opportunity to ponder labor through the physical act of weighing and thinking.

The schedule of performers throughout the day is:
Paolo Piscitelli, 12-1pm
Birgit Larson, 1-2pm
Robyn Thomas, 2-3pm
Gabrielle Senza, 3-4pm
Kayoko Nakajima, 4-5pm
Andrea Haenggi, 5-6pm
with a reception for the artist, 6-8pm

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Location Information

Cathouse Proper at 524 Projects
524 Court Street, Brooklyn