N.E. Brown at Freeport Art Museum

Freeport Art Museum
N.E. Brown
Safe House
Opens October 21st at 5pm

October 21st marks the second year of five for new solo exhibitions under the umbrella of the Freeport Art Museum's BIPOC Initiative - (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). The BIPOC Initiative encourages artists of color to view the Freeport Art Museum (FAM) as a welcoming venue to exhibit their work. FAM also seeks to develop an improved relationship with the broader BIPOC community so that a more socially inclusive and diverse audience feels at home and embraces FAM as their museum.

This year's artists are N.E. Brown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Anika Kowalik of Milwaukee, WI. Each artist will install a solo exhibition in FAM's main galleries in October of this year.