Common Thread: 2021 Studio Arts Student Exhibition

Common Thread: 2021 Studio Arts Student Exhibition is a significant event within the life of the department; it is a celebration of the accomplishments of the 15 seniors who will graduate in May, August and December of this year.

View the virtual exhibtion through Sunday, May 2, 2021.

Register for a timed ticket for the Common Thread: Exhibition Pop-Up on Saturday, April 17, 2021.

Featuring work by: Nicole Bonomo, Taylor Bowers, Katie Bulova, Joslyn Ferguson, Aly Jouejati, Blya Krouba, Colleen Mars, Caroline Mead, Kylie Mericle, Nola Mims, An Nguyen, Max Rayshich, Olivia Rutledge, Shannon Spear, Chrissy Suders

Under the direction of Lenore Thomas.

A special thanks to Professor Katie Warring's Intro to Audio Storytelling students for their collaboration with Studio Arts seniors. And to Max Glider and Isis Duncan for their dedication to making the department's first VR exhibition a reality (in the virtual world)!