"Alloy Pittsburgh" Public Lecture Series - Rick Darke

An upcoming lecture series the week of June 10th will host some exciting artists and topics in relation to Alloy Pittsburgh, a residency founded by Sean Derry and Chris McGinnis in collaboration with the Carrie Furnace National Historic Landmark.

Monday, June 10:  Rick Darke   Frick Fine Arts Auditorium, 7:00pm

Tuesday, June 11:  Chuck Lanigan   The Pump House, 7:00pm 

Wednesday, June 12:  Ann Hamilton   Braddock Community Center, 7:00pm 

Thursday, June 13:  Tim Kaulen   Concept Art Gallery, 7:00pm

Friday, June 14:  Prelude  Exhibition of previous works by Alloy Pittsburgh Artists at Unsmoke Systems, 6:00 - 8:00pm, Braddock

For more information about the lectures and the residency, view the Press Release.