Theresa Baughman Studio Arts Major

Theresa Baughman

Major:  Studio Arts

Year:  Junior, graduating Spring 2015

Hometown:  Latrobe, PA 

Why did I come to Pitt?  I came to Pitt as a transfer student from Columbia College Chicago.  I was unhappy there because I felt I wasn’t being challenged as a student. Columbia is a much larger art school, so I chose to go to Pitt to have a diverse experience in my elective classes as well.

Was Studio Arts my initial plan for a major?  How did I become interested in art?   Studio Arts was my initial plan for a major at Pitt after transferring, however I was hesitant. I decided to keep the major and to also explore other options, but I eventually stuck with it.

What media do I work in most? How did this interest develop/What are my influences?  I primarily work in sculpture. I enjoy using many different kinds of materials such as paper, plaster, wax, fabric, wire, and others. This interest developed while I was studying at Columbia. There, I took a millinery class (or the art of hat making). Millinery is a very sculptural process, and from there I decided to transfer to Pitt to study sculpture more in depth. Many of my influences come from minimalist artists like Eva Hesse and Robert Morris.

What does the Studio Arts Department and/or a liberal arts environment offer me that is unique?  The Studio Arts Department has helped me grow as a young artist through the one-on-one time I have with my professors and the numerous opportunities for independent studies. Undergraduate research has been an enormous way for me to explore ideas and materials and develop a body of work.

What am I currently working on?  This summer I am completing an Undergraduate Research Award that will combine print making and sculpture. I am also taking a blacksmithing course at Touchstone Center for the Arts. I am hoping to push my current body of work in a new direction by using different techniques and materials.

Any undergraduate teaching or research activity/fellowships as an undergraduate?  This is my second Summer Undergraduate Research Award from the Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (OUR).  I also participated in the Summer 2013 Wyoming Field Study offered through the University Honors College and the Studio Arts Department.  In May 2014, I traveled to London, England for a two-week field studies program, Word & Image, offered through OUR.  

What are my plans beyond the university?  After graduation I plan to participate in artist residencies to continue to build my body of work. In the near future I will consider graduate school as well.